Wednesday, August 17, 2011

White Ledge - August 6, 2011

We were camping at White Ledge campground and this trail conveniently started about 200 feet from our campsite.  This is a 4.2 mile loop hike up and over an open ledge with some views.  We didn't start out until 10:00 or so and headed up the trail.

Trail head

 As usual with Ethan on my back the trail started out pretty flat and crossed a brook after a short while.  Alex is still in Star Wars mode and found many light sabers along the trail and was constantly battling the evil Sith who were hiding behind every tree.  Knowing that we were safe from the enemies, we were able to continue on the very moderate grade path.

The Sith has been vanquished from this trio of trees

Now that the way is clear, young padawan Ethan checks them out

After about 3/4 of a mile everyone (except me) were having a tough time.  Ethan up until this point had walked a good portion on his own trying to keep up with Alex.  But neither Alex nor Denise really wanted to continue so we turned around and headed back to camp.
Please pick me up daddy!

 We got back to the campsite pretty quickly and had lunch.  I ended up falling asleep in the chair and took a nap.  But I still had my hiking itch which hadn't been scratched yet.  I considered hiking up Chocura which also has a trail heading out right from the campground, but now that it was closing in on 1pm, while I probably could have made it before dark no sense in risking it or pushing myself.  So I grabbed my pack and headed back up the White Ledge trail myself.
The trail passes below the cliffs, descends a little, and then turns back and heads up to the cliffs never that steep.  Up on the ledges themselves views to Moat Mt. to the north and views east.
Up the ledges

Moat Mt

From ledges

Another view from ledges

The ascent up the ledges continues for a while until they begin to descend back to the south where a fine view of Chocorua.
Mt Chocorua

For some reason I was way too tired for this short hike, but some days your legs are just not with you.  Maybe I didn't sleep well the night before so I sat down and grabbed a snack, then laid down and just about fell asleep again in the shade of a pine tree, resting on some moss on the ledge.  Had I let myself fall asleep, I would have been out like a light for a while I think.  It was extremely quiet, saw no people, heard nothing except the songs of birds, grasshoppers, and the wind through the trees.

Someone left this sign up there: I agree
 So I spashed some cold water on my face, woke myself back up and continues back down the trail without issue.  It was a quick jaunt back to the campsite where Alex, Ethan and Denise were busy doing something.  I don't remember what, but I know what they missed!

Shortly after I got back, I took the training wheels off Alex's bike and he road it fine w/o first time.  I knew he could, I just couldn't get him to ride it w/o training wheels until know.  Especially since he got his scooter!

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